2nd-5th Grade Mad-Lib Style Pictures!


Okay so the project born out of a few necessities. First, this idea came to me years ago when I was in a 3rd grade room and the teacher had a box with three different compartments. Each section had sticks with words on them - one had things, one locations, and the other an action. This box was for students that had trouble coming up with writing ideas. I took this idea to the art room for kids that struggle with what to draw when they free draw.

T-Rex playing cards in Canada

So, normally this activity is in my "done" activity center - but I needed a silly/fun project while students wait for their clay to be fired.

I started by making a list of things, actions, and places - I tried to make sure my places were generic enough for all students to be able to draw. For one class I had the class make the list - but that took up most of the class period - whoops.

Ice skate drawing at MSU
After I had my lists I cut them and put them in buckets. Students take one slip from each, create a silly sentence and draw that picture.

I have found that this is a great exercise in creative problem solving. If a sentence says "A broom running in the grocery store" - Students have to figure out how to make a broom run!

These are HILARIOUS- students have as much fun drawing them as they do comparing sentences. If you don't repeat words on your lists - every sentence, and every picture will be different.

Eagle baking cupcakes in Atlantis. 
The first day they were only allowed to draw with pencil because I wanted them to focus on the details. I didn't want them to do a quick drawing - but really think about the location, how to show the action, and make their picture make as much "sense" as possible.

Bahahahahaha. I laugh whenever I look at them!!!!