BLVisuals @ Stadium Elementary

A few days after BLVisual's visit to my fourth graders - they sent me this video.  It really captures the excitement, awe, and pure awesome from the day.

When talking with my classes this last week many of them said, "If I had to score 1-10, I would say 100!"


4th Grade Visiting Artist: BLVisuals

I can not come close to expressing in words the amount of joy, wonder, and excitement that filled my room yesterday afternoon.  BLVisuals let each student pick their own colors for a bandana - swirl them as desired and help dip, rinse and dry.

While students were waiting for their turn at dipping or simply trying to be patient while their creation dried - the group at BLVisuals brought along some fancy glasses that order colors in your depth of field.  Hot colors in the front (closer to you) and cold colors in the back (further from you) giving anything with hot and cold colors an element of 3-D!  It was amazing! Students loved looking at posters and their bandanas with the glasses.

Students were also excited and encouraged to take their tapestry/bandanas and hold them in front of color changing lights - which in turn, magically, changed the colors on their bandanas! 

Every year each of the arts teachers in my building are in charge of bringing in an artist from our field.  Our AMAZING PTO sponsors these visiting artists and their workshops for our kids.

Pretty sure my students would describe the visit as "Best Day Ever".

BLVisuals dips most anything fabric and frequently travels to festivals and dips patron's arms.  Their paint is a unique blend of acrylic paints - their beautiful creations on skin last about the length of a temporary tattoo while being permanent on fabric.

It was a truly awesome day.