Here is the list of things the Art Room has on it's 'someday' list (some are realistic and others are just dreams)

- 30  18"stools to replace the chairs - a lot of students stand while they create, making the chairs clutter our room. When the chairs are pushed in they are in the way of the student creating.

- a VGA cable long enough to go from the projector to the front left of the room to use the iPad as a document camera.

- custom shelving to fit under the front dry erase board so the materials from the back wall can move to create more space for other centers. (I really want to create a reading nook filled with wordless books, I Spy, Where's Waldo - etc).

-  30 eggs of Silly Putty - the modeling clay we use for free building is a little oily/sticky.  The kids love it, but I would prefer silly putty. 

- a kiln room off the art room so that projects didn't have to make a dangerous journey on a cart from the art room to a room off the gym.

- I Spy books

- Where's Waldo books

- Any Wordless book 

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