The Maker Faire - Detroit

I am so psyched!  

This last weekend in June, beginning of July I had the pleasure of going on a hot air balloon competition extravaganza in Battle Creek, Michigan.  The balloon company, Buzzards Glory, I use to crew for back home almost always goes to this competition and since I moved only a couple hours away I got to tag a long!!!  It was great to see friends even if we spent a lot of it taking naps in between pilot meetings and flying.  I had a blast even though we only got to fly 2 out of the 6 opportunities because of weather.  

While we were there and during our 'down' times I was talking with a woman, Jamie, who told me about The Maker Faire in Detroit.  She will be there as a Maker - I believe.  As we talked it seemed really neat and I thought, 'Hey I should check that out' -- well when I got online and found the website - I was floored!  

I have spent almost an hour watching videos about the makers and the faire.  It looks like science meets technology meets inovation meets art meets critical thinkers meets crafters meets engineers!  I can not wait to attend this faire.  It looks like the perfect mix of people who tend to futz, putz, and explore their ideas and thoughts.  Now, if we could only harness or at least appreciate this type of creative energy.

I am sure I will post again after my exciting and probably exhausting weekend traveling the faire with all sorts of exciting pictures and stories!!!  

This is my kind of faire.  Can you tell I'm excited?!

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