Whole School - Lines and Shapes for Snowflake Wrapping Paper

It's that time of year again - only two weeks before Winter vacation and students are excited!!  I decided last year to make wrapping paper with my students and it was a HIT!  Making wrapping paper taps into their excitement for the holidays without doing a "Christmas" project.

This year I thought about doing the same lessons as last year since I am in a new building - but a fellow Art teacher posted a picture by James Gulliver Hancock, "All the Snow in Montreal".  This picture was the perfect inspiration for our wrapping paper this year!

Students and I first made a few snowflakes are the board by them offering shapes for my base.(The 2nd Graders are studying symmetry in math after break - so I did a quick lesson about symmetry - what it is and how many lines of symmetry does each snowflake have?)

After a few snowflakes as a class they were ready for paper to make their own!

The rules were easy: no snowflakes could be the same!

I encouraged the older kids to think about colors and maybe keep a theme of colors or do all of them one color and then have one snowflake be a different color!

We rolled these up at the end of class with a chenille sticks and a note that says, "Please use my snowflake paper to wrap a gift this season".


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