Star Gallery

I have been wanting to make a small gallery at one of my schools since I was hired a couple months back (has it been that long already?!)  I wasn't sure where I wanted it or how I wanted it to look.

After I got the room mostly organized the way I needed/wanted it - I thought about making the gallery on one of the walls in my room.  The wall is huge and ALL the students would see it.  I decided I wasn't happy with this idea for a couple of reasons: 1) The 5th grade production backdrop has now been hung over that wall so we can start working on it. 2) All students would see it but no one else -- no parents, visitors, or staff would get to enjoy it.  So, all in all I decided to make one fo the front big bulletin boards, complete with track lighting, into the Star Gallery.   (The funky yellow star is our schools logo - it is based off of Matisse)

The gallery has somewhat amiable lighting (though there aren't enough lights for the board/far enough away - but it's better than nothing), good traffic, a sparkly gold frame and artwork already on it.  I have yet to complete the boarder - but in due time. 

I will be posting student work in/on the Gallery that goes above and beyond the project expectations - or even if a student goes above and beyond their personal level.  At this point there are no awards or certificates, just the honor of seeing their work there.  I am thinking about doing a picture of them with their art on the wall, but frankly I'm not sure I have the time.  I am at this school 3 days and those 3 days are PACKED!  Classes are pretty much back to back and there is little time for much else.  Perhaps I can get some parent volunteers to help me out with this?!

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