Bubble Wrap Printed Fish - Kindergarten

This project wasn't really inspired from anything in particular.  I knew I wanted to do printmaking with kindergarten, but I wasn't really sure how I wanted to do it.  I didn't have any styrofoam pieces, and I didn't really want to make a collage that we then rolled ink over... I was at a loss.  Then it hit me - bubble wrap!  I had used bubble wrap for projects in the toddler room when I worked at a 'learning center'.  Perfect - my plan was starting to take shape.

When I arrived at school, I dug out all my bubble wrap and started to cut simple shapes out of big bubbles and small.  I planned to put a set of shapes at each table along with a tray of paint and brayers.

I introduced printmaking by breaking down the work into "print" and "make".  The students explained what "make" meant and then print.  I guided them to the idea that 'printing' something let you have the same image over and over without it changing.  So when we 'print' something to the printer we can 'print' the same thing over and over and it won't change - unless it runs out of ink, of course.

Next, I pulled all the kids around the table and showed them how to load their brayer with paint.  I had them listen to the sticky sound, then had them watch me roll it onto the bubble side of the bubble wrap.  I picked up the bubble wrap and placed on my paper.  I gently, but firmly pressed the bubble wrap onto the paper and then slowly pealed it off. 

::Applause::  I swear printmaking it magic to kids.

I then showed them how to pick up their paper and walk to another table for other colors.  I showed them what it looked like to overlap and to use different shapes!

They were itching to get moving.  I had them all put on paint shirts, write their name on their paper and off they went!  It was a blast watching them fill their papers.

The next class we drew fish on their bubble papers, cut them out, and added a googly eye!  They were looking awesome!

The third class we added the background for their fish.  We brainstormed if the fish were in the ocean or a fish tank -- what would be around them.  It was a ton of fun!!!



Rina k6art.com said...

The layered bubble wrap prints are beautiful on their own! Bet the kinders loved making these.

Rina at www.k6art.com

Rory Fugerson said...
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