Ahhh. Almost time

I really have enjoyed seeing different art rooms across the country get ready for a year of organized chaos - rooms that are organized and ready for paint spills, lost marker caps, pencil shavings, and broken crayons.

I took a few pictures last week to show how I prepare for a year of 500ish students in 3 days time at one of the buildings I teach at.  
I got new marker cups - so I took new pictures and taped them down where they go!  Makes clean up easier for me and students!
I take the pictures I tape down - print out one extra, laminate, stick a magnet on the back and use on the whiteboard to help show instructions.
My computer station for when kiddos are finished!  The STOP signs remind them to check and see if their hands are clean!

Here is my done, or rather - "Finished" area.  Students may pick from:
  • Drawing Center (Free draw, silly picture sticks, picture reference cards)
  • Art Games (Art Memory/Go Fish, Puzzles, Eye Spy, Tangrams/Tangoes
  • Computer Art (KidPix)
  • Sculpture Center (Modeling Clay, surprise scrap bucket - string, paper, wire... )
  • Ask for a job (cleaning paint brushes, returning books to library, organizing papers, taking projects off of bulletin boards... etc) 

Okay - whoever came up with this BRILLIANT idea for a yarn center - you are my HERO!  I don't remember if I saw this on Pinterest or a blog first - but seriously genius!!!  I first tried to drill the holes in the plastic - bad idea, it cracked.  I then got smart and heated up a high heat glue gun.  Duh - melt the holes!  I got these bins for 1.00 each at a dollar tree near my school.  I have put two cones of yarn in each one -- I don't know if they are going to tangle as they get used, but it has to be easier to deal with than normal string tangle messes!

And last, but not least, my new Art Rubric!  I made this to help remind me to be more clear with students about how they are doing in art.  I made this based on how our report cards are, so that parents and students can easily see and understand how art is 'graded'.  I don't grade based on if I like it or not or even give everyone a perfect score.  There are lessons to be learned in art while still being creative.

1=Met all project expectations and student had wonderful craftsmanship.  2=Met most of the expectations and their craftsmanship is okay, but could use a little work.  3=Missed most or all expectations and little to no effort was put into the crafting of the project.

I used words and pictures to help showcase what each level looks like.  The trick in art is that there are so many options that it is sometimes hard to decide one or a two.  For example a student may meet ALL the expectations but has only so-so craftsmanship --  I have even had students that have great craftsmanship, but don't always follow directions.... or then there are the kids that work super hard so they NEVER finish a single project.  It is difficult and sometimes frustrating to 'grade' art -- but this system seems to give me enough wiggle room to really let the kids make creative choices about their projects.  I could make it more specific - but I feel that limits the students choices and really doesn't teach them what I want them to learn.


Mrs. C said...

Everything looks great! Love the yarn bins! I have a box that's filled
a massive tangled mess of yarn! I hate to throw it out so I just keep fighting with it! Have a great school year! :)

Rina k6art.com said...

Love the yarn bins as well. Thanks for the tip on the hot glue - you definitely saved me some time. The stop sign will be great - my students go to media center after art and I really want their hands to be clean as before they line up.

Thanks for posting.

Rina at k6art.com

Ms Novak said...

Mrs. C -- I had a couple of boxes that were just that issue. It was tough to throw them out - but I also wasn't really using them due to mine and the students frustration. These bins will make it much easier for the students to actually use yarn!

Rina -- I am hoping the stop signs will help remind students, but we'll see if they notice them long enough for clean hands to become habit. I am not sure they will notice them or just glance them over -- time will tell.

Mr. E said...

Your room looks AMAZING! As far as the yarn boxes go...I've been doing that for the past 16 yrs. I posted it on my blog back in 2008 when I first started blogging ( http://artwithmre.blogspot.com/2008/08/art-room-organization-part-2.html ) ...and repost it each year as part of room organization and such. No matter though..it is a great & useful tip that all art teachers should use to save themselves major headaches!!