Rain Rain Go Away

I don't know about your area of the world, but mine has been filled with grey skies and rain for the last WEEK!  It has rained almost nonstop since Monday.  I am feeling drained and slow moving.

Since spring has decided to take the longest drink of water, I decided to try and jump start it with some Van Gogh inspired flower pots.

This lesson is not new, but is a GREAT one day project to fill the hallways with spring.

We started by learning a little bit about Van Gogh - looked at his paintings, discovered his small brush strokes and use of multiple tints/shades of a color in one area.

I had the kids make a flower - any flower, could be real, made up, or even from Super Mario brothers as long as it looked flower-like.  Many of my boys took advantage of this and drew man eating plants, or ice flowers.  All my girls were excited to draw roses and lilies.  Ha!

I showed them how to draw a simple sunflower (circle and then triangles around the edge, add a stem!)  Then we talked about using short strokes and multiple colors for each spot.

While students were working I drew and painted a pot sitting on a table.  When students were done cutting out their flowers I would arrange them in the vases.

I have received MANY compliments on how much people love them.  I think everyone needs a little sunshine.

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Jen Carlisle said...

what a wonderfully collaborative project!