A New Beginning

It's that time of year, summer is done, but not quite over.  There are still a few days left to enjoy afternoon naps on the couch or by the pool on sunny days.

This is the time of year where I get excited and nervous.  This fall will start my 6th year of teaching and while I don't pretend to have this job anywhere near mastered, it also feels kind of silly that I get so anxious.  I start to have dreams where I show up and have no idea what I am doing, that the kids are out of control and they won't listen to me - that I miss the first day of school because I have it written down wrong.  None of these things have ever happened, but clearly they are things I fear - perhaps all teachers have these thoughts/feelings.

While these things run through my subconscious, my excitement grows as I put my room back together after the summer deep cleaning, and plan lessons.  

As I start to plan the beginning of the year lessons, I remember and realize that my kinders will need to be taught how to put caps on markers, how to use scissors (including what scissors are allowed to cut), and so many other things we forget we learned at some point.  Kinders at the beginning of the year are a lot like a pack of energetic puppies - they love school, have no personal space, and totally out number you.  The older kids are a bit easier to plan for as they can hit the ground running since this is our 3rd year together - but new seating charts, new classes of kids, and a new art room set up will require some instructions.

Actually, if I am to be frank - while I love the start of the school year with the new beginnings and  seeing how much the students have grown emotionally, mentally and physically - I DESPISE the first 3 or so weeks of school.  It's a lot of rules, procedures, reminders, practice and enforcing it all.  I prefer when we all get in a groove and the kids have tested all (most) of the rules, we have established expectations and we can get on with art.   The first few weeks can be exhausting and tedious, but are totally worth it for a smoother year!

Keep posted to Organized Chaos for a year of projects, stories, and pictures.


Phyl said...

I want you to know - I taught art for 36 years, and am retired for one year, and I actually STILL have those panicked nightmares from time to time:
I'll dream a class is entering my art room, and I discover I have nothing prepared, and no materials;
or, that I'm ridiculously late and I come into my room to find it filled with students in total chaos, and to make matters worse my room doesn't appear to be the room I know- it is just all wrong;
or, I dream that I suddenly realize it is art show day, and I have only an hour until people will arrive, and I haven't mounted, name-tagged, or hung a single piece of artwork and I have NOBODY there to help, not even a single kid, and I know I'm in BIG trouble.

At least you are having the nightmares while you are still actively eaching!! Enjoy the end of summer and your first weeks back in school. It will all be OK!

Susan Bivona, Art Teacher said...

I feel the same way about the beginning of school, lots of rules and saying the same thing over and over. Oh, that reminds me....I was going to try to make a video this year....better get working on that!!! Kindergarten...like herding CATS, but we love me! Have a great year!

Anonymous said...

This is my third year teaching art and 11 year teaching. I always have weird school dreams the week before school starts! I once dreamed that the kids all turned to monkeys and crawled up the walls and were hanging from the ceiling. It still terrifies me! I start with kids on Monday and I find myself rehearsing what my "speech" will be on that first day. I like to be a storyteller and try to inspire and engage them from the start. I usually do a large school wide project to start with. Something that everyone has a small contribution to but when it is all put together has a huge impact. Our school's theme is "One Word" this year. It is an awesome idea and book written by Dan Britton so I have a plan to use that as our collaborative project.

Ms Novak said...

Thanks everyone! I feel much more 'normal' now. Whew.