CI - Turkey Puppets

This week's theme for our CI kiddos is all about Thanksgiving, turkeys and the whole works.  I decided today that for art we were going to make turkey puppets!

I printed out some simple feathers onto white paper - had the kiddos color and cut them out.  (A few of them need help cutting, but most of them are capable of doing it on their own.)  Next we glued their feathers to the back of the bag.  Then we flipped the bags over; glued down a beak and two googly eyes (I had the gobbler part already glued down).

Last but not least the kids slid their hands inside the bags and made their turkeys talk, sing, and gobble!

I have NEVER seen such pure joy and excitement out of a group of kids.  They were all grins, smiles, and even vibrating with happiness.  I had no idea puppets were such a big deal for these kiddos - we will most definitely be making puppets again this year!!! 

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Ms Angel said...

This is awesome! I was looking to do an art craft with my kinders this week for Thanksgiving and looks like I found one! Thank you for sharing :)

-Ms. Angel