::Happy Sigh::

My last post was about how burned out I felt and how I was terrified that I wouldn't love my job anymore.

Well, we are seven-ish weeks into the school year and it's amazing!  I really do love my job.  I am a little weary that we are still in the beginning of things, but so far so good.  I have really ENJOYED my students so far this year.  Whenever I get stressed out, I try and remember to put it aside and be present at the moment with my kids.  Am I perfect about it - heck no, but things are WAY better.  My students seem happier too - they seem more willing to run with ideas and go for things - which could totally not be true.

I have a lot of posts and projects to update about - lots of neat ideas I have gathered and then introduced to my kiddos.  I will try and get some posted today, but first I have some bulletin boards I need to finish.

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