Kindergarten Auction Items

The school I currently work at has a fancy dinner and auction for people of the community as a way to raise money for the district. The elementary art teachers were approached and asked to do a project of our choice with the students to auction off.

It took a while to come up with an idea that was easy enough for the students to do, but interesting enough that people would want to buy. I browsed around an online poster shop looking at their 'fine art'. I found "Man Find in Zahala" by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

I decided that my kindergarten students could use this as a jumping spot and make their own version.

I projected Hundertwasser's picture on the whiteboard and asked the students to raise their hand when they could tell me a color or a shape. Together the students and I noticed the bright colors, the concentric circles, the green lines in the background......

So, I passed out rough drawn circles on paper and had the students cut them out. They then drew their own concentric circles with oil pastel, then water colored over top. When they were done they drew their own green line for the background of the board.

When everything was dry I glued their circles down and drew the black lines.

Next time the students came I showed them what they had created and had each student sign the back of the board.

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Holly Young said...

Hello! Thank you for posting this idea. Our elementary school is doing a similar art auction, and I am going to do the same project with my son's Kindergarten class. I was wondering what you used to glue the watercolor flowers onto the board? I am going to do the background with acrylic paints on canvas, and was going to use gel medium to glue on the watercolored flowers, but the gel washes away the watercolor.