3rd Grade - Esref Armagan

Picture of Mr. Armagan - found on the internet
After my lesson on "The Black Book of Colors" I introduced my students to Esref Armagan - a blind painter.  The youtube video talks about Mr. Armagan's genetic mutation that caused him to be born without eyes - yet he can paint with perspective - something he shouldn't be able to do according to science. (More on Esref Armagan)

I had the students watch the above video - in which they were in complete awe.  After the video I explained that they are going to try and paint like Esref Armagan - blindfolded with only their fingers.  I did a quick demonstration on how to use their fingers to try and keep track of where they have painted.

I paired the students up - one got a blind fold and the other is their spotter.  The student who is blind folded is to try their best to draw a simple picture.  The spotter's job is to make sure they don't paint someone else and to guide them to the color they want.  After the student who is blindfolded is done - they switch spots.

The students were eager to try.  Many students found it much harder than they thought it would be.

(I just learned of another blind painter, John Bramblitt, from another Art Teacher blog.)

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Amy Bee said...

I'm really impressed with their work! It sound so hard to do.
Thanks for introducing Esref Armagan to me, I look forward to doing more research on this amazing artist.
Molly's Aunt Amy. :0)