Creativity Challenge - 1st Grade

One of my students with Autism - loves animals
I posted doing a 'Creativity Challenge' with my 3rd graders before spring break - well, that went so well I used it for first grade today.

It is spring picture day today, and all my first graders were dressed up in their best school clothes and the original lesson for today was to explore pointillism with paint.... I was afraid that even with paint shirts the students would get paint on their nice outfits - so we had a change of plans and did the creativity challenge instead.

Student who claimed he couldn't do it!
My first graders did a fantastic job!  I even had one student who proclaimed he couldn't draw, he couldn't think of anything, he was terrible at drawing  -- all before I passed out the papers.  Sure enough once we got started his was one of the most creative drawings!  He was so proud of his drawing.

This is a great lesson to keep for emergencies - picture day, sickness, day before break.  It seems most ages are able to complete a picture from a line without much of a struggle.

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