2nd Grade - Abstract Sculptures

This lesson is a great experience in problem solving and creating in 3-D space.  I start out the lesson by showing a slide show of some past examples and asking the students to share what they observe.  They talk about the colors they see, the shapes they see, and sometimes the colors go in a pattern.  I explain that they will be making their own version of these sculptures, but that the first day or two of the project they will be prepping their paper before they can build. 
Their paper needs to have hot colors on one side and cold colors on the other.  I ask the students to observe the lines on the paper and if they are thick, thin, close together or far away -- they respond thick and close together.

Next I do a quick demonstration about how to use the markers to get thick lines (Mr. Sketch are the best but not needed).  I show them how to use the side of the marker tip instead of the top tip.  They can use lines, shapes, words - anything to fill the entire space with thick lines!

Once the students have covered both sides of their paper - one side with hot colors and one side with cold colors the students bring me their paper.  Based on my knowledge of the students ability I drew, with a pencil, a continuous line on their paper splitting up the area - they then pick normal scissors or fancy scissors to cut it out.  The line starts off the paper and ends on the inside with a dot - each line is different.

When the students are done cutting they have one long crazy line of paper that they then twist, fold, then glue their paper together to make a sculpture.  When I demonstrate I focus on not gluing the first solution - but to twist and move the paper to find the most interesting shape.  I show them if I glue all the pieces flat they aren't nearly as interesting as gluing the pieces to other pieces.  As I demonstrate I also turn the sculpture around to view it from all angles to make sure it's interesting from all sides.

After their sculptures are built they put their name on it as well as titling their work - they then bring it to me and I take a picture from the side they find most interesting.


Cheryl Hancock said...

I just love this idea!!
can you show on a white piece of paper how you draw the long continuous line?? Ie how thick was the shapes?

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

I absolutely love this project.
What an excellent way for students to understand the 3- dimensionality of sculpture.

Ms Novak said...

Thanks! The best part is that the students can't do it wrong - as long as it sticks out in space it works! The kiddos have a great time making them and naming them!

dmasse said...

Hey lady! Just tried this out with my 4th graders:) Thanks for the continued inspiration.