Origami Samuri Hats - 1st Grade

Here is a project that I use to do with 2nd grade - I now do it with 1st!  I use newspaper for the hats so that the students can actually wear the hats.  Start off with a square type piece of paper - luckily the newspapers in my current town re-sized their papers to be almost square.  If your newspapers are more rectangular you will need to make them square-ish.  At the very end I go around and tape the front folds of the hat since newspaper doesn't hold folds too well and the students get frustrated when they unfold.

Start with a square piece of paper.

Fold corner to opposite corner making a triangle.

With the long side of the triangle away from you - take the side corner to the bottom corner.

Repeat on other far corner.

Take only the top layer from the bottom and fold to the top point.

Repeat for other side.

Take the top later again and pull up and over to the side to make wing-tips.

Repeat on other side.

Take only the top layer from the bottom and fold halfway up top triangle.

Fold the part that is hanging below the triangle up and over - makes a rectangle type shape.

The main part of the hat is complete.

Fold the last part of the bottom triangle into the inside of the hat.

Hat is ready to be decorated!

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