Kindergarten - 3D lines

So, in the beginning of the year kinders and I spend A LOT of time on lines and shapes.  I do this because it helps the students learn routines and expectations without overwhelming me or them with complex projects.  Simple but meaty projects like these also show me simple things like - problem solving skills, skills they already have, ability to follow directions, fine motor skills - etc.  I learn a lot in the beginning of the year about where my kinders are at developmentally.

After a few projects that consist mostly of different flat lines and shapes - I take the kids 3D.  We briefly talk about what 3-D and 2-D means, some kids get it, some don't.I show students a variety of ways to make a flap stip of paper stick up in space.  We bend, we fold, we twirl around our fingers, we add pieces to other pieces and build build build!  I also stress as much as I can that glue sticks when it DRIES - if you use A LOT of glue then it takes a LONG time to DRY - a little bit of glue - stick faster!  The students get really excited by the time I am done with my demonstration.

I turn the kiddos loose and tell them they have to build till it is time to clean up!!!  I walk around help students that struggle with concepts they want to try, offer positive feedback to students.  After about half way through class I will walk around with my iPad and record students that struggle with building 3D and using an appropriate amount of glue.

I like to let these rest/dry for a few hours and hang in the hall.

They are impressive when all posted together on a board!

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Vic Lau said...

This is such an awesome project! What a great visual impact!