Pep Talk

I opened my school e-mail this morning to find this video from one of my Principals.

It was just what I needed.

It has been cold, snowy, cloudy outside along with spring break just a week away.  Our kids are nuts, our nerves are on the edge, March (which means CRAZYness in my schools), school is talking budget cuts (always stressful as an art teacher) - then on the radio I hear about an 8th grader who took his life in his school bathroom.

I certainly needed a pep talk today. 


Mrs. C said...

Cute! :)

Art Project Girl said...

So sorry to hear about that boy. Sending prayers and light to all affected.

LOVE KID PRESIDENT! Me and my 2 year old watch him all the time. She thinks he's funny.

Leslie McReynolds said...

Sharing this with my faculty. Thank you for this, I had similar week at my school and so needed a pep talk :)