Somewhere between.....

Somewhere between snow days, breaks and PD days students have been working on clay and beginning weaving projects.

I have neglected to do weaving projects the last couple of years... Why exactly I don't know. I love to weave. Perhaps the overwhelming idea of all those looms, string tangled catastrophes - I wasn't sure weaving would hold their attention. So far I have been way wrong.

We just started weaving and I am having my older students make their own paper looms that we will later design our own weaving on paper then weave on our loom. I had some weaving pattern sheets printed so that when some kids were done with their loom the could practice different weaving techniques. I gave them no instruction on how to read the patterns, but rather told them to do their best and to try it out. I did it this way for two reasons: 1) I didn't have time to help kids make their looms AND teach them to weave all on one class. 2) I wanted to gauge their weaving abilities. Turns out kids "get" weaving - at least the basics.

I will post our original weavings when they are done - hopefully sometime next week. Next we will be weaving with yarn on CD's or more traditional looms.


Beth said...

My room is a disaster and we haven't had snow days. Good luck Weaving is a great way to get through a lot of missed days.

900Paintbrushes said...

I felt the same way about weaving- I was afraid to try it with my middle school kids and couldn't believe how awesome they did AND how much they enjoyed it!!!