2nd Grade - Origami Jumping Frogs

The students get a kick out of this project.  From start to finish takes about 30-35 minutes - leaving about 5 minutes for the students to play with their frogs and clean up for a 45 minute class.

First we review what 'origami' means.  I explain what we are going to make frogs that jump - some frogs will jump high, some long, some will do flips!  Next, I go over expectations for the class period as it differs from most days.  I will do a step at a time at the front of the room and they are to both watch and listen - I will do it twice.  After I do it the second time they are to try it on their own.  I will walk around and check and help students - but they are to try until I get to their table.  I always ask, "Is it okay to be frustrated?" and they say "YES!" then I said, "Is it okay to give up?" and they say "NO!".  This little exercise is always a good reminder when we start something that potentially will be frustrating for some students.  After I check everyone I will count down from 5 - when I get done I expect the room quite and ready for the next step.  I wait until the class is ready.

1. Students decorate one side of index card with markers/crayons.

2. Flip Over.

3. Fold top corner to meet side. 

4. Fold other top corner to meet colored corner. Should have smaller triangle and rectangle.

5. Unfold

6. Flip Over (should see color).

7. Fold horizontal line through middle of "X". Should have two rectangles.

8. Unfold

9. Flip Over.

10. Pull horizontal lines together.

11. Push met horizontal lines to table.

12. Push down opening - or push down the "hat".

13. Under the triangle should look like this.

14.  Fold up edges of triangle to point. 

15. Fold in the remaining sides to the middle.

16. Fold bottom up to the top.

Another view of step 16.

17. Fold top layer back to line up with fold on the bottom.

Another view of fold 17.

Flip frog over - use finger to pull back.....

..... let go and let the frog fly!
Be prepared for excitement!  The students really enjoy seeing their frogs jump for the first time!  If a students frog doesn't jump a few things: 1) Check the back legs - pull them out a little bit so that they have a little spring in them.  2) Make sure they are using one finger to gently launch their frogs.  Students tend to pound or squish their frogs when trying to launch them.

Happy folding!

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Jill said...

Thank you so much for these visual directions! Today is our origami day and I was searching for something easy-ish and fun. :) This is perfect!