Kindergarten Bracelets

Due to snow days and early outs my project rotation was off with kindergarten - to fill in the extra days while other classes were finishing we made teamwork bracelets!  I pre-cut yarn about 2 feet - I wrapped them around my hand and elbow and then cut them all at once.  (this is a great project to get rid of copious amounts of yarn).

When the students come in I explain that we are going to work together to make bracelets.  I make a deal with them upfront - if they can be exceptional learners then they get to pick their partners, if they are going to be less than their best then I'd pick their partners.  I gather them around a table and show them how to pick 3,4 or 5 strings and make the ends match closely.  Next, I ask a student across the table from me to hold onto the strings really tight.  I start twisting all my strings together at once.  (This is a great project for student's small motor skills.)  As I twist I talk to them about if I accidentally drop the strings or my partner does (I then drop my strings) and what I should do - should I scream, cry, stomp my feet?!  They all say no, and I agree, I just pick them back up and start twisting again!  We talk about how it didn't ruin anything, nothing was broken, just have to keep twisting.  The students watch as I twist until the colors get smaller and smaller - when I get close to being done if I move my string ends towards my partner's the string starts to curl on itself.

When the string starts to curl on itself my partner and I hold on to the strings - with a free hand I pinch the twisted string in the middle of the cord and put the two ends together.  Pinching the two ends the students let go of the middle and the string should spin together on itself.  They bring the string to me and I tie it.

The great thing about these bracelets are that they fit on the students wrist WITHOUT tying them on.  Since the string is doubled over it leaves a loop at the end where the knot goes through - making a bracelet that is easy to take on and off!

The kids had a blast and it really worked their small motor skills, team building skills and patients.  

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