1st Grade Hot and Cold Color Cityscapes

The students and I started off this lesson by looking at different cities skylines - things they noticed: buildings, windows, doors, cars, lights, sky, squares, rectangles, each city looks different.

I showed students two different techniques to make their cities and off they went!  Each city is an unique as the students themselves - adding stores and places they have been like: toys'r'us, target, St. Lukes Hospital, Walmart.... ect.

After the students created their city, added all the necessary windows, doors, signs - they sharpie outlined their creations.

The next class students and I reviewed hot and cold colors - most of them mastered these groups of colors in kindergarten.  The students then chose if they wanted their sky hot or cold and then their buildings were opposite.  I had originally thought to have the sky hot colors like a sunset and the buildings cold - but a first grader asked if he could do his the other way around because the sky is really blue.  Thus, the choice to pick where your colors went as long as all the hot colors were together and all the cold colors together.

They are stunning!

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