1st Grade Snowman Collages

It is the middle of January here in the midwest which mean lots of cold weather and snow.  I took this opportunity to have the students be inspired by the weather and their imagination to make snowmen collage pictures.  First we read two of my favorite snowmen books:  "Snowmen All Year" and "Snowmen at Night" both books are by author Caralyn Buehner.  The students task was to start thinking about their snowmen pictures - what their snowmen were going to do!

After the books I gave a quick demonstration about tearing paper to make a snowy ground and then how to make the snowmen for their pictures!  The main focus of my demonstration was to remind and encourage them that their snowmen will not be perfect circles.  We tore the paper instead of cutting to give it a more snow-like affect.

The second class period the students added all the colored details - scarves, hats, kites, leashes, sleds, fishing poles -- whatever they needed to add to make their picture make sense!

Snowball Fight
Flying a Kite
The range of snowmen activities was both intriguing and humorous.  A project I will repeat!

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