Light Graffiti - Sample of Day 2 - K-4th grade students

Here is a sample of the light graffiti done by my students on Day 2 of the cycle!

Want to see more?!  Click here!

1st Grade

4rh Grade

2nd Grade

4th Grade (looks like a bike going fast over grass to me)

4th Grade with a little bit of direction.

1st Grade

Kindergarten (see the heart in the middle - happy mistake)


Mr. R said...

Hey how did you do this???? Please let me know it is great.. I love... Thanks so much Mr. R. Over and out


Ms Novak said...

Mr. R - Super easy and way fun.

1) Get a digital camera that you can manipulate the settings on. You will need to change the shutter speed somewhere between 6-12 seconds. In my classroom 8 seconds was perfect. This step involves a little bit of trial and error.

2) Put that camera on a tripod.

3) Black out all windows or do in a room without any outside light. I used black bulletin board paper for my windows and door.

4) Find small objects that emit light. Flashlights, flashing shoes, cell phones - etc. I used normal flashlights and then used scrap theatre gels to make them different colors.

Next - stand infront of the camera in a dark room - move around while the camera is taking the picture for about 8 seconds.

In my classroom I had the camera hooked up to a tv so the students could see the results in real time.

For more info click the links in this post: http://msnovak.blogspot.com/2011/02/whole-school-light-graffiti.html

Let me know if you have any other questions!