Radial CD Designs -- All Grades (examples of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)

About a year ago a paraprofessional in my building came to me asking if I had any need for CD's.  I of course said YES!  Turns out she burns radio shows on to CDs for her husband, because his truck radio is broken.  They didn't want to throw them away, but also had no use for them after he listened to the show.

So, throughout the year she brings me stacks of CDs and I keep them in my room till the end of the year.  The last couple of years we have decorated CDs as a one day art project.

One year we learned about Keith Haring and how he drew on all sorts of surfaces - shoes, cars, walls, buildings.... ect.  The students then modeled their CD after his work.

This year I decided that we were going to make radial designs on both sides and then use them as the base for a windsock.  To start the project I drew three different options on the board and asked the students which one they thought was a radial design.  We did some brainstorming, some thinking, and slowly they worked out which ones didn't make sense and were not 'radial'.  After they figured out which one of my examples was a radial design I drew out some more asking if it was or was not a radial design.  Once I felt they understood what their target was, I sent them on their way with Sharpies and CDs.

All these results are from 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade students and are diverse as the students who made them!  Some students chose words, other patterns, and even some pictures with dinosaurs, volcanoes and trees!  They always surprise me with their creative and personal thoughts!

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