Whole School - Light Graffiti 2011

There are two rotations left before the end of the year which means it's Light Graffiti Time!!!  Wahoo!  I covered my windows and doors with black paper, made sure all the flashlights were working, hooked up the camera to the TV and away we went!

Here is a sample of work - click here if you want to see more!

2nd Grade -- Two students

1st Grade - Two students

2nd Grade - three students

1st Grade -- two students

2nd Grade - two students
Kindergarten - two students
4th Grade - Two students
3rd Grade - Two students
3rd Grade - Two students

2nd Grade -- two students


JennyKay said...

This is a fantastic idea- I love it. I do a Lanterns at Twilight every 2nd year for my school and this sort of idea would be wonderful for the lead up. Thanks for sharing.

Ms Novak said...

It is a ton of fun - sometimes containing their excitement is a little tough, but if that's the worst - bring it!

Jen Carlisle said...

this is amazing... what do you use for a computer program? What do you use for your light source that the colors change?

Ms Novak said...

Jen! I am glad you asked! Here is more of an explanation of how I did light graffiti in my classroom http://msnovak.blogspot.com/2011/02/whole-school-light-graffiti.html

I used a tripod, a digital camera, no computer, no software. For the lights - flashlights and for the colors I got some theatre lighting gel scraps. You could easily use LED's or any other colored lights - even students shoes that light up give a neat effect!

Let me know if you have any other questions - I'd be glad to answer them!