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Hello All!

I was wondering if any of you have wonderful, fantastic elementary art videos to share - either that you use for instructional purposes or educational entertainment.

I used Shaun the Sheep: a herd of claymation Sheep with their trusted dog herder and owner.  I like these videos because they are each 7 minutes long with school appropriate story lines, no words, and lots of comic relief.  These are great for days when projects run unexpectedly short or days when there are no art subs to be found!  K-5th grade students are fascinated by these films. 

I also love Pixar Shorts:  these are the short cartoons before each Pixar film.  They are humorous, sometimes touching, and always kid friendly.  The students enjoy these because they are familiar with them, but still enjoy watching again. 

There is also a sneak peak on my Mary Poppins DVD about the Broadway show.  It is a great and amazing clip where they are on the roof tops with the chimney sweeps.  All ages are glued to the lights, sounds, and costumes.  I generally use this clip after their show and we talk about performing arts and how they did everything that they just watched in a Broadway show.  They sang, danced, had costumes, performed on a stage for an audience, had a set, had a background, lights, and mics!  It is a great way to show that they too are performing artists!

There are many more videos I use for instructional purposes from youtube.com  such as:
Light Graffiti Example
How To Light Graffiti
Matt Dancing -- Used for my Dancing Kindergarten Project
Esref Armagan -- Used for my Blind Painting/Black book of Colors Project

Please share in the comments if you have any videos you love to use.

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