Art Memory (Elementary)

In my room I have a cupboard that contains my art centers. My art centers are available when students have completed their work. They may choose from free draw, art memory (pictured -- I found pictures online of famous artworks then printed them out and laminated them onto card stock), fancy scissors, I Spy books, a form of pictionary, and sometimes word searches.


Kellie Caplin said...

Do you happen to have a file for the memory game?

Ms Novak said...

I don't have the file any longer. I did it the hard way back in the day where I put them all into word and had to space them apart. If I were to make new ones today, I would search the images on google or bing - save them to a folder on my computer. Once you have them all in a folder, highlight all the pictures, click print, decide what size you want, make sure you print two copies of each picture -- DONE. Way faster and simpler than how I did it back in the day.