ToothFaries (2nd)

All of my 2nd grade students have lost teeth, so what better inspiration?

Students Learned/Practiced:
--Using paint
--Cleaning Up
--Putting work on drying racks

The students and I brainstormed two different locations for the tooth fairies to be flying: outside in the neighborhood or in their bedroom. We did an example of each place as a class. The tooth fairy was what we drew first to make sure it was nice and big at the top and sideways to show that it was flying. The students and I discussed how there could be boy and girl fairies -- this made it much more exciting for the boys.

The students then received huge paper and told to draw either their bedroom or their neighborhood with their tooth fairies. The creativity between the students was amazing! There were tooth fairies every size, there was one that hit the closed window, one got stuck in a tornado, and all sorts of other imaginative things. A couple of students that drew their neighborhoods added trees from our ice trees. Then there were even a few students that drew the inside of their bedroom on half and their neighborhood on the other.

Once the students were done drawing they outlined with black crayon and used watercolor to fill in their pictures. After they were all done we added glitter to their fairies if they wanted.

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