Inspired from "Joy" by Talib Kweli

One of my eighth grade students really did not want to do a clay project, so we came up with an alternate project for her. She is amazing with a number 2 pencil for just being in 8th grade. A lot of her sketches deal with dark subjects, so I asked if she was often inspired by songs/poetry. She kind of laughed and told me the was also a poet. I printed out a verse from Talib Kwili's song Joy.

Above is what she drew: broken glass, a man crying holding a seed very delicately, a pierced heart, and a chess board.

The lyrics:.....I do it for the seeds y'all, in they formative years when they need y'all
we gotta believe, in what we conceive y'all, it's deep y'all
I give them the truth, so they approach the situation, with ammunition
I keep nothing away, they hear everything, cause they know how to listen
Teach them the game, so they know they position, so they can grow
and make decisions, that change the world, and break old tradition
They put kids in jail, for a life they ain't even get to start
that's murder too, and it's breaking my heart
it's breaking our nation apart
We gave the youth all the anger, it's just
we ain't taught them, how to express it, and so it's dangerous
You can't talk to them unless your language
is relating to what they going through
so busy ignoring them, you can't see what they showing you
And you wonder, why we called baby-daddy's and baby-momma's
when we grow up, we can't act like adult mothers and fathers, yo
I'm so blessed to have a boy and a girl
everyday they bring joy to my world"

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