Light Graffiti 6,7,8

Many of my students think art is just painting and drawing -- so I decided to branch out from typical mediums and introduce light graffiti.

Light graffiti is very popular in larger cities, as it is a way to 'graffiti' without defacing any property -- so everyone really wins. This form of art is also popular in our everyday culture as one of the cell phone companies use a set of still light graffiti photos to make their 'stop action' commercials. (These are the commercials of the garbage trucks having arms and legs, or sending hearts in the air to the person they are texting.....)

Students Learn/Practice:



--Critical Thinking

--Problem Solving

--Team Work

--Being Flexible


These are done in our school store -- as it was the only room that was large enough and dark enough. In one corner is the camera on a tripod and set on a manual setting where the shutter remains open for about 10-15 seconds. Infront of the camera are the students with their flashlights.

The students looked at examples of light graffiti and planned out their own -- they tried their idea a few times and then made changes as they saw fit. Often times they found their designs were far too complicated for their first time painting with light. They found much success in purely moving the flashlights around in the air to make shapes -- everyone succeeded at this project!

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