Radial Sun Window Clings (3rd)

After a long snowy winter the students and I were itching for some sun, so we decided to try and lure the sun out from behind the clouds with some radial sun window clings.

Students Learned/Practiced
--Radial Patterns
--Warm/Cool colors
--Using permanent markers

I first explained what radial meant then they helped me design a sun with radial patterns. Next they traced the shape of their window cling on a piece of paper and designed their own radial sun.

The students then taped the window cling over their design and traced their patterns with a black sharpie. After outlining the students colored their suns keeping warm colors on the inside and cool colors for the background.

This assignment was successful for each and every student no matter their skill level. When they were completed I put them up in the art room windows until they went home with the students!

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