Sign Language Hand Collage (3rd)

My third grade students requested to do a drawing assignment after completing their radial designs. I decided having them do a contour drawing would be best.

Students Learned/Practiced:
--Contour (outline) drawing
--Sign language letters

We started by practicing the sign language alphabet as a class. I then showed them the easiest way to draw the outline of their hand. I prepared them to be frustrated, but that this lesson is all about trying and doing your best -- many of the students really gave it their all and did an amazing job!

The students either drew on the final paper or on scratch paper 3-5 letters making up a work or initials. Once the students drew their letters they used magazines or drawings to collage the background in a way that represented the word/initials that they drew.

The two examples shown: The first says 'Austin' and is collaged with things he likes. The second spells 'LOL' (laugh out loud) and there are pictures of people smiling and laughing!

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