3rd - Silouette Trees

 I do not remember how this project came to me - I think I was trying to do something else and a mistake turned into a pretty awesome project.

This is the project that 3rd grade did for their Original Works fundraiser project.

The students were given a piece of 8.5x11 piece of paper and a strip of masking tape - about arms length.  The students tore the masking tape with their fingers, making rough sides/edges.  As the students tore the tape they built their tree.  The thicker pieces for the trunk, small tears can be used for tiny branches - each piece can be added to the tree.

Some students chose to do a landscape, others portrait style - some students have one tree or many.

After the tape is used and the students like their composition - they color over the tape, filling the whole paper with oil pastel.  The students can make patterns, sunsets, random colors - anything they can think of - they must fill the whole paper with solid color.

Once the paper is filled with color, peal the tape off very carefully.  If the paper rips a little, it's okay - a bonus branch.  I demonstrate this for the students and show them how sometimes mistakes can turn out pretty awesome.

The end results are wonderful!  All students succeed and all projects look very different!

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