Kindergarten Collage Monsters

This is a great project for the beginning of the year!  Students of all abilities can easily succeed at this project.  Before the students and I listen to the book, "There was an Old Monster" I give them a mission - a mission to pay close attention to the monster - what do the eyes look like, hair, fur, colors.....etc.  We listen to the story as we look at the pictures.  When it is over the students and I brainstorm about monsters - we compare and contrast the monster with other monsters (Monsters Inc, Sesame Street..etc).  The students often come up with the idea that monsters could be anything made up!  It could have lots of eyes, or teeth, arms, legs, spots, fur, wings.... etc.

At this point they are pretty excited.  We move onto a demonstration about how to cut paper or tear it depending on what they need to work on - also a refresher course on how to use glue.

I pass out scrap paper buckets to each table and let their creativity soar.

Students Learn/Review:
-How to use scissors
-How to use glue
-How to tear paper
-Problem solving/critical thinking

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