4th and 5th Grade Musical - Destination America

The 4th and 5th Grade show created a challenge.  Their show was in our districts brand new concert hall - making a background in the traditional sense, impossible.  The students and I worked together to make banners that greeted our audience in the lobby.  The students learned how to use a grid to redraw pictures - going square by square.  It was a great way to enlarge our design and have everyone participate.  The patchwork feeling really connected to the idea of their show, 'Destination America'.  Their show was about taking a trip around America and learning about different musical styles, musical history... etc.

Since the students were performing on stage and not in the lobby we still needed something to connect the audience with their show on stage.  I had gone a tour of the space a few months before their show and was introduced to a very large projection screen.  I knew that was going to be our best chance of having a backdrop.  I scoured the internet for pictures that represented the time period/type of music the students were singing about in their songs and made an imovie to play behind them.  It was a hit - worked great.

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