4th Grade - Repeat Letters


I did not come up with this project on my own.  I saw a project like this for middle school or high school students on another art education website, though I can not remember which one - I apologzie. 

I modified the lesson for my 4th grade students.  I used this lesson in the beginning of the year for the 4th graders Original Works fundraiser.

 Students Learned/Practiced:
-Bubble Letters

Students started out with a normal size piece of paper (8.5x11) and folded it in half twice both directions (hot dog/hamburger).  Students should have 4x4 rectangles.  Next the students needed to pick a word - I suggested last name, season, color, food, animal - something that someone would want to buy, since this was for our O.W. fundraiser.

The students then drew a letter in each box making sure to almost fill the box with the bubble letter.  The students continued this until they ran out of boxes.  NOTE: The words wrap around - in other words, the chosen word may get broken in the middle.

Once the students filled their paper they planned out their colors/patterns.  Each letter that is the same should look the same - so all the A's should have the same color/pattern - all the P's should be the same - ect.

We also talked about the idea that there should only be white were white is planned - so when they are coloring in a spot red - we should see no white through it.

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