4th Grade Bobble Heads

I started this project with 8th graders four years ago and now I do it with 4th graders.  Every year I am impressed by what my students create.

The head of the bobble head is an upside down pinch pot.  Students add clay by scoring and slipping.  The body is where the real creativity comes in.  I do not require the students to do all the same bobble head, or even the same type - so the body is a lot of critical thinking and problem solving on their end.

The guidelines I give my students are these:
- Something needs to bobble - preferably a head, but other ideas are welcome*
- Everything added MUST be scored and slipped to keep it together.
- The body must sit or stand alone
*I have had students bobble the top of a mushroom, pumpkin on a vine, turtle shell....

After the bobble heads are made and bisque fired the students glaze them as they see fit.

These always blow me away!

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